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Open Access

(Updated: 2019/12/04)

SciELO Portal provide Open Access (OA) to journals’ contents. Journals are organized in national and thematic collections. Each collection is managed by a known organization. Selection of journals to be indexed in and discontinued of a collection is of entire responsibility of each collection management organization.  

Journals’ contents comprise research articles, review articles, research related communications, case studies, editorials and other type of texts that are generally identified as documents whose selection and publication is of entire responsibility of journals. The documents themselves are of entire responsibility of the authors and the journals that published them. SciELO does not owne any responsibility on documents’ contents.

The formalization of the Open Access at the collection, journal and article levels is fulfilled through the adoption of access attributions of the Creative Commons (CC) system that encourage reuse and distribution of indexed articles in their collections.

The license identified as CC-BY is defined as the main OA attribution by SciELO. However, each collection, journal and document may adopt specific licenses. Therefore, usage attribution is assigned to each collection, journal and document.