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Proceedings for the inclusion of journals in the SciELO Public Health Collection

(Updated: 2019/12/04)

To be included in the SciELO Public Health Collection, the journal must go through a selection process, based on international databases inclusion criteria.

The journal shall, then, be evaluated not only for its content, but also for matters like:

- predominance of publications from original contributions;
- peer review and approval of the published contents; 
- public and heterogeneous composition of the editorial committee;
- regular periodicity;
- length of existence of journal;
- punctuality in the publication;
- abstracts, title and key words in English, when the article is written in a different language; and
- adoption and specification of the standards taken by the journal.

For more detailed information about the selection criteria of Brazilian scientific journals, please consult the document "SciELO Public Health criteria: criteria, policy and procedures for admission and permanence of scientific journals in the SciELO Public Health Collection", available in <>.

In order to start the evaluation process, we kindly request the dispatch of the following material:

a) a copy of the last three published fascicles or, in case it is a journal published online, the address of the journal website (URL) and the specifications of the last three published fascicles, with the respective localization;
b) the form used in the analysis and approval process ofmanuscripts (peer review); and
c) the evaluation form filled in with the journal information.

Once they are filled in, the evaluation form and the form used in the analysis and approval process of manuscripts shall be sent to the SciELO Evaluation Unit <>.

The printed fascicles of the journal may be sent to the following address:

Unidade SciELO

Avenida Onze de Junho, 269 - Vila Clementino
04041-050 São Paulo SP - Brasil
Phone: +55 11 5083-3639/59

For more information, please contact us on <>.