Inaugural conference of the International Society for Equity in Health, La Havana, Cuba, 29–30 June 2000



The International Society for Equity in Health (ISEqH) plans to hold its inaugural meeting in La Havana, Cuba, on 29–30 June 2000. ISEqH is a scientific society intended to encourage advances in knowledge about the importance of equity in the improvement of the health of all people, and to promote the application of knowledge to activities directed at this goal. The purposes of ISEqH are as follows:

  • to promote equity in health and health services internationally;
  • to facilitate scientific exchange of conceptual and methodological knowledge on issues related to equity in health and health services;
  • to advance research related to equity in health;
  • to maintain corresponding relationships with other relevant international and regional organizations;
  • to foster leadership and networking for equity in health.

The themes for the conference include:

– pathways through which the determinants of health operate;

– evaluation of interventions to promote equity;

– methods to explore the best ways of measuring the determinants of inequity in health and to establish the most useful statistical techniques for documenting the ways in which they act;

– policy and collaborative efforts;

– populations at risk (minorities, children and adolescents, women, including those who are pregnant);

– forum (discussion and criticism of recently published research).

To receive more information about the conference and the call for abstracts, please contact Dr Barbara Starfield ( or Dr José María Paganini ( Correspondence should be addressed to Dr Paganini at the following address: International Society for Equity in Health, Facultad de Ciencias Médicas, 1er. Piso Edificio de la Biblioteca Calle 60 y 120, 1900 La Plata, Argentina (tel and fax: + 54 221 423 5755). Further information about ISEqH is available at the following URL:

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