In this month's Bulletin

In the editorial section, Gyambo Sithey et al. (514) discuss Bhutan's continued use of gross national happiness as a measure of development.

In the news section, Andrei Shukshin reports on WHO's efforts to boost health worker capacities in Ukraine (517-518). Fiona Fleck interviews Pascal Michel on the use of space technologies for public health (519-520).

Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico and Peru

Cell counts and viral loads

Pablo F Belaunzarán-Zamudio et al. document infrequent monitoring of patients receiving antiretrovirals. (529-539)


From policy to reality

Jacques DA Ndawinz et al. propose measuring time-to-treatment for HIV. (521-528)


Hidden obstacles to mental health

Helen Jack et al. highlight the difficulties of providing mental health care. (587-588)


Campylobacter, Salmonella and E. coli

Yuko Kumagi et al. adjust national estimates of major foodborne diseases.(540-549)

South Sudan

Safe water for refugees

Syed Imran Ali et al. study water quality in refugee camps. (550-558)


The true cost of health care

Anthony L Bui et al. review all available national health expenditure data. (566-576)

Surviving accidents and emergencies

Ziad Obermeyer et al. analyse the provision of emergency care in low-resource settings.(577-586)

Cash transfers for climate change

Frank Pega et al. describe cash transfers designed to mitigate the health effects of climate change. (559-565)

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    Aug 2015
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