25 years of science behind the creation of the Unified Health System (SUS)

Maria Cecília de Souza Minayo Romeu Gomes Antônio Augusto Moura da Silva About the authors

The title of this editorial refers to the most profound meaning of the reason for the existence of the Revista Ciência & Saúde Coletiva journal, which in this year of 2020 celebrates its 25th anniversary! This journal and the Revista Brasileira de Epidemiologia are the vehicles with which ABRASCO (that has just celebrated its 40th anniversary) has made its mark on scientific communication in Brazil and in the world. Those who publish in both journals have academic merit, ethics in research, standards, parameters and policies as their parameters and an editorial board of international scope.

Revista Ciência & Saúde Coletiva has officially subscribed to the “open access” policy for everything it publishes, since its inception1,2. At this moment, it is taking a further step: slowly but surely, it is integrating into the world of “open science”, the three steps of which can be summarized as follows: acceptance of manuscripts deposited in preprint servers; progressive introduction of the peer review process; revelation and sharing of data as part of the article submission process. In the issues already published in 2019, the ORCID of the authors was included and the acceptance of articles published in preprint was initiated. Today, the largest and most important journal publishers in the world have already signed up to what is now known as open science3,4.

Having reached its 25 years of existence, Revista Ciência & Saúde Coletiva has good reason to celebrate! Today it is broadly accessible in 22 national and international databases and also on its website (www.cienciaesaudecoletiva.com.br) and on the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram social networks. In 2019, it maintained its leadership position in Google Scholar as the most cited Brazilian journal of all areas of knowledge in the country1. For the first time, its Impact Factor on the Web of Science attained more than one point, reaching 1,008! It could be claimed that it is low by international standards, but it is an achievement for a Brazilian journal, when compared with the national scenario of journals. A remarkable event occurred on September 4, 2019: Revista Ciência & Saúde Coletiva received an international prize, the Research Excellence Awards Brazil, awarded by the Web of Science Group, belonging to the Publisher Clarivate Analytics. The initiative acknowledged the good performance of Brazilian research, and the journal was nominated for the “SciELO Citation Index Award” category.

Here are some numbers for the year just ended: 12 issues were published in 2019 with 463 articles, 321 of which were written in English or translated, and 21 were written in Spanish. Overall, the 2019 collection features 1,666 Brazilian and 182 foreign authors. All the positive results achieved and the good omens for its future are due to a cohesive and committed team that constitutes the editorial board and the executive group responsible for the day-to-day work process, the reviewers, the assessors, the authors and the readers. It is this united and dedicated team that has made this 25-year-venture possible.

We dedicate special thanks to some institutions that have always believed in the mission and importance of the Journal and that have empowered it: Fundação Oswaldo Cruz that jointly finances it; SciELO that motivates it; CNPq and CAPES that even in times of duress back its existence; and FAPERJ that in more prosperous times has collaborated for its implementation.

May yet another year be promising and full of achievements.


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    06 Mar 2020
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    Mar 2020
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