Process of nursing education: the vision of graduates on health education in the Family Health Strategy

Paula Sales Rodrigues

This research paper takes as its goal the analysis of the graduating process of nursing graduates who work in the Family Health Strategy in a city in São Paulo, regarding their practice in health education while taking care of patients.

It considers the discussions in the field of nursing education, including the proposals of the National Curriculum Guidelines for the implementation of the search for changes in the graduating process according to the proposals of the Health System, considering the Family Health Strategy as a way of remodeling the health practices and considering health education as an important tool for personal autonomy, the key for achievements and advances in the relationship between patients and professionals, reflecting in changes in treatment plans. The graduating processes of nurses need to support new practices in health education, mainly in the development of technologies for the prevention and promotion practices aimed at overcoming the biomedical model.

The research uses a qualitative approach through Content Analysis in the thematic modalityto the analysis of documents and data were collected through semi-structured interviews. The analysis allows some learning on the different curricular organizations and their impact on the practice of nurses concerning health education. There is mainly a difficulty to prepare these professionals in the field of health promotion, due to the disorganization of health practices in most curricula. The integrated and competence guided curriculum is the closest to a dialogic health education.

This research aims to contribute to the reflection on the graduating processes, and to contribute to the effective implementation of the National Curriculum Guidelines health care, particularly in nursing.

  • Keywords:
    Health Education
    Nursing Education

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    30 Nov 2013
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    20 Jan 2014
UNESP Botucatu - SP - Brazil