About the Contributors

Bolaji S. Aregbeshola MScPH

Public health specialist in the department of community health and primary care, College of Medicine, University of Lagos, Nigeria. His research focuses on health systems, policy and economics; health system governance, human resources for health and universal health coverage, HIV/AIDS, malaria, and maternal and child health.

Einard Blanco-García MS

Biotechnologist with a master’s degree in drug technology and quality control. He joined Havana’s Molecular Immunology Center (CIM) in 1999 as a researcher, and since 2004 has held management positions in CIMAB S.A. (CIM’s commercialization affiliate), including that of director general. He is currently working on a doctorate, his dissertation on the evolution of Cuba’s biotech business models in relation to technological innovation and global market values.

Isabelle Erbacher MBBS

Physician. A 2018 graduate of the Imperial College London (UK). Dr Erbacher is doing a general internship in Edinburgh, Scotland, and plans to specialize in obstetrics and gynecology. She has served on the board of directors of Universities Allied for Essential Medicines (UAEM), a student-led nonprofit organization advocating for improved access to medicines.

Jacob Levi MBBS

Physician. Dr Levi graduated from the Imperial College London (UK) in 2018 and is now doing a general internship in the British capital. He has worked on access to medicines research projects and with Friends of Médecins Sans Frontières and UAEM.

Luis A. Méndez-Rosado MS PhD

Biologist with a master’s degree in medical genetics and doctorate in health sciences. Dr Méndez-Rosado is full professor and senior researcher at the National Medical Genetics Center in Havana. His research on molecular and conventional human cytogenetics has garnered multiple awards, including the 2015 national prize of the Cuban Academy of Sciences and the Carlos J. Finlay Order of Merit.

Luis Velázquez-Pérez MD PhD DrSc

Physician specializing in neurology with dual doctorates. Dr Velázquez-Pérez is a full professor at the Medical University of Holgúin and senior researcher at the Center for Research and Rehabilitation of Hereditary Ataxias, in Holguín Province. In 2017, he became President of the Cuban Academy of Sciences. His research in clinical neurophysiology, sleep disorders and genetic epidemiology has been recognized with national and international academic awards and been published in more than 180 peer-reviewed articles.

Carlos A. Villegas-Valverde MD MS MPH

Physician with dual specialties in family medicine and immunology and master’s degrees in infectious diseases and medical education. An associate researcher at Havana’s National Oncology and Radiobiology Institute, Dr Villegas-Valverde is currently working toward a doctorate in medical sciences. He has served internationally in Eritrea, Haiti and Venezuela, and has received multiple awards for service and academic excellence.

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