Revista de Saúde Pública (Journal of Public Health) in electronic English version



Moisés Goldbaum

Co-editor Científico



The Revista de Saúde Pública is an international specialized scientific publication committed to assuring wide dissemination of technical-scientific output on relevant collective health topics in Brazil and abroad. An arbitrated journal that is open to the involvement of local and international scientific community, the Revista is constantly pursuing improvement for reaching out higher expertise and quality. Its quest of balance and harmony between different disciplines as well as acceptance of studies from a variety of institutions capacitates it in the heart of the public health scientific community and its professionals and in other related areas. Also, it is a highly regarded publication by research promoting agencies, human resources training centers and services in Brazil.

By 1996, after 30 years of advances, there could be noticed overall changes in the journal, reflecting its dynamics of following contexts and practices of the different periods of technical-scientific dissemination. Likewise, future perspectives regarding required changes were emphasized aiming at keeping its mission’s essence.5 From then, the effective changes aimed at following the relevant growth of research activities in the field of collective health in Brazil. This assertion can be evidenced by the great deal of research groups and its expressive scientific output reported in the CNPq’s Directory of Research Groups and Lattes Platform.1

In this context, the work resulting largely from our investigators’ activities could be measured up by the reported results and the inclusion of our publications in the BIREME/FAPESP’s SciELO (Scientific Electronic Library Online) data bases. As pointed out before, this recently created regional data base would allow the application of scientometry techniques and would contribute to acknowledging the distinguishing marks and importance of the scientific output published in our region’s journals.3 From that, it is possible to assess the impact of published journals. Although they have received justified critiques and need to be put into perspective,2,4 these journals’ impact could be translated into an useful, but not only, element for understanding the process of dissemination and distribution of our scientific output. In this regard, the 2002 Revista de Saúde Pública as well as its sister publication, Cadernos de Saúde Pública (Reports of Public Health) (http://www.scielo.br/cgi-bin/bibjcrac), has achieved one of the highest levels detected by this indicator, reflecting the importance of our journals and showing its irrefutable and proven purpose in building up the area of collective health in Brazil.

In order to sustain this prominent position and deal with new challenges we face to properly manage the Revista and carry on its improvement, and in light of the need of increasing the visibility and outreach of published articles, the Journal’s Scientific Editorial Board has offered the authors the opportunity of publishing their scientific articles (originally published in Portuguese) in an English version. This version, published only electronically and simultaneously to the Portuguese version, will be available in the Revista’s website. Full texts in English will be also available in the SciELO data base through links in the Portuguese version.

The articles are translated by highly qualified professionals accredited by the editors and translation services are at the authors’ expenses.

Aware that English is now science’s usual language, we hope this initiative will assure international and indiscriminate access to published texts and thus widen the discussion already promoted by our publications.



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