The revisit of the article about social security, published in the first issue of Saúde e Sociedade, highlights two important moments of the worries of our review in bringing to discussion actual themes and controversial views about them, as described in the special editorial by professor Carvalheiro. A philosophical discussion on the ethical dimension of health education; the relationship between enterprises and population in general and the role of the business environmental certification; the need to educate health counselors in order to turn them able to influence political decisions that have health implications, as shown in investigation undertaken in Bertioga; the limits of a capacity building process, as seen through a research undertaken with managers of a Specialization Course in Management of Basic Health Units of SUS; menopause as a socio-cultural construction and the urgent need to integrate the Health and the Public Security Sectors so that victims of sexual violence receive a more precocious adequate health care, all those are indicators of the richness of the themes dealt by Public Health. Our Saúde e Sociedade grows fast towards an upgrading of its classification as a vehicle of dissemination of this field of knowledge.

This issue is another step in this direction.


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