We present this second fascicule of the 37th year of the Saúde em Debate magazine in as proud and celebratory manner as ever, after all it has been many years of resistance, construction and fighting for what our former president Sergio Arouca called critical thinking in health. This year, to mark the tenth anniversary since our loss of Sergio Arouca, we are dedicating this edition 97 to his memory, knowing that it represents very little in relation to the legacy he left for us.

Arouca insisted on saying that the public health reform was not a simple administrative reform of the services and care model, but rather a project for the civilization of the Brazilian society. That is his main legacy!

We are delighted to know that several tributes are being organized, especially at Fiocruz and at the National School of Public Health, which is now named after him. And we also feel honoured by such tributes, after all Sergio Arouca is the representation of the CEBES project. It is always fitting to recall that, upon leaving for Nicaragua to help build the Sandinista health project, one of his main concerns was to not allow Saúde em Debate to die. We took on that commitment and still hold firm to it.

This year the number of articles submitted for publication visibly increased, confirming our expectations and demonstrating how the magazine has grown in importance in the field of collective health. This reshapes our commitment and dedication to continually improve it, maintaining the regularity and interest of our readers and contributors.

Moving on to the objective of the front covers this year, inspired by popular Brazilian festivals and celebrations, as an expression of, and broadened through the notion of health as quality of life, culture and the exercise of citizenship, the illustration of this edition pays tribute to the fantastic giant carnival dolls of Olinda.


Enjoy your reading!


Paulo Amarante
Scientific Editor

Centro Brasileiro de Estudos de Saúde RJ - Brazil