• The fragmentation of national health systems Temas de Actualidad

    Barillas, Edgar

    Abstract in English:

    The nationalistic tendencies observed in the world today, rooted in ethnic and ancestral cultural values that do not necessarily coincide with the physical boundaries of countries, have an enormous influence on societal organization, the distribution of wealth, and the processes of decentralization being carried out by governments. At the same time, the economic liberalization policies which are in fashion accentuate social divisions and favor models of health care that are fragmented according to the economic means of the user. This document explores the consequences of these trends for equity in the health and medical insurance systems of Latin America, as well as the role of the State and the private sector in the provision of services.
  • The United Nations confronts the challenges of a changing world: the 49th Annual DPI/NGO Conference Temas de Actualidad

    Dickson, Kate

    Abstract in English:

    The United Nations (UN), previously considered a forum exclusively for sovereign governments, has changed over time in tune with various political, economic, social, and cultural phenomena. One of these is the growing presence of nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) in international agencies and activities. The 49th Annual Conference of the Department of Public Information and NGOs, held at UN headquarters on 10 September 1996, analyzed the extent to which the UN is allowing NGOs to participate in its discussions of policy, institutional reform, and field operations. The issues discussed at the Conference and the challenges that face the UN in a changing world form the subject of this report.
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