• The use of opioid analgesics to alleviate cancer pain Temas de Actualidad

    De Lima, Liliana

    Abstract in English:

    Many cancer patients die after a prolonged period of deterioration marked by intense physical and emotional suffering. However, in an effort to control the illegal market, many countries have adopted regulations that restrict or prohibit the therapeutic use of opioid analgesics, which could improve the quality of life of these patients. The World Health Organization has responded to this problem by making palliative care a priority of its Cancer Program. The countries have been urged to establish measures and governmental policies that will make opioid analgesics more accessible for alleviating cancer pain.
  • The eradication of malaria in Puerto Rico Temas de Actualidad

    Miranda Franco, Rafael; Casta Vélez, Alfredo

    Abstract in English:

    For decades, malaria was a serious public health problem in Puerto Rico. In 1962, that country became the first tropical territory in the Americas, and possibly in the world, to receive certification from WHO for having eradicated malaria and having declared itself free of the disease. This report chronicles the tremendous effort that was dedicated to the eradication campaign in Puerto Rico, which took place in the first part of this century.
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