• New goal for vaccination programs in the Region of the Americas: to eliminate rubella and congenital rubella syndrome Temas de Actualidad

    Abstract in English:

    The vaccination programs of the countries in the Region of the Americas have produced notable results over the last several decades. In recognition of those accomplishments, in June 2003 the 132nd session of the Executive Committee of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) called on the Member States of PAHO to prepare, within one year, national action plans for the elimination of rubella and congenital rubella syndrome (CRS) by the year 2010. During the Executive Committee discussions, praise was given for the sustained efforts of the countries of the Region in the struggle to eradicate measles. The Executive Committee discussions also reiterated the recommendation that the countries establish specific line items for immunization within their national budgets, in order to protect the investments in immunization that the Region's countries have made. The analysis of results of mass vaccination against rubella indicates that the benefits coming from accelerated control greatly exceed the costs associated with the treatment and rehabilitation of children with CRS. Various factors have created an environment that supports the goal of eliminating rubella and CRS from the Americas by the year 2010. These factors include the rapid reduction in morbidity that has come from the accelerated rubella control strategy; the availability of a safe, affordable, efficacious vaccine; the evidence of the cost benefit of vaccinating against rubella; and the broad support provided by the public and by health authorities in the Member States of PAHO.
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