WHO anniversary commemorative volume



Our cover illustrates the first of 12 issues in a commemorative volume to mark WHO's 60th anniversary. Every month in 2008, the Bulletin will feature a classic public health poster on its cover, with a commentary on the topic illustrated. This month, Jamie Bartram (2) examines why the health sector relies on water safety; Guy Hutton and Jamie Bartram (13–19) calculate the cost of Millennium Development Goal (target 10) on water supply and sanitation; and Mahmuder Rahman (11–12) asks why Bangladesh's drinking-water is still contaminated with arsenic.




Vaccination costs

Lara J Wolfson et al. (27–39) estimate the costs of global immunization.



HIV transmission

Elizabeth Stringer et al. (57–62)survey the effectiveness of programmes to prevent mother-tochild transmission of HIV.



An eye on refractive errors

Serge Resnikoff et al. (63–70) estimate how many people suffer visual impairment of this type globally.

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