WHO 60th anniversary commemorative volume



This month's cover poster is devoted to the importance of skilled birth attendants and improving child and maternal mortality. In the lead editorial, Cynthia Stanton (242) examines who should assist women in childbirth, what midwives should be permitted to do and where births should take place. There are also reports and papers from Bangladesh, India, Mexico and Uganda on this topic. In an interview, Joy Lawn (250–251) explains why it takes more than money to improve newborn survival rates.


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Malnutrition in developing countries

Ellen Van de Poel et al. (282–291) use the new WHO child growth standards in a broad study of child malnutrition and socioeconomic inequality in the developing world.


Perinatal asphyxia

Jonathan M Spector & Subhash Daga (315–316) suggest that high stillbirth rates in many regions may be due to inadequate resuscitation of perinatal asphyxia cases.


Screening 40 years on

On the 40th anniversary of the publication of Wilson and Jungner's Principles and practice of screening for disease, Anne Andermann et al. (317–319) examine the evolution of the original screening criteria as it reflects scientific and social trends.

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