WHO 60th anniversary commemorative volume



This month's special theme is health financing. In an editorial, Guy Carrin et al. (818) give an overview of the key issues in financing health. A second editorial by Prerna Banati and Jean-Paul Moatti (820) examines the positive contributions of global health initiatives. The cover presents a classic public health poster on WHO's involvement in training personnel to provide health services to communities in need.


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Public health classic

Jacky Mathonnat (905–906) revisits the 1965 article by Herbert A Klarman on the need for government financing of health care.


User fees

Mylene Lagarde and Natasha Palmer (839–848) assess how fees affect the use of health services in low- and middle-income countries.


Taxes and aid

Phusit Prakongsai et al. (898–901) look at various ways in which countries can secure resources for the health sector.


Risks of receiving aid

Eleonora Cavagnero et al. (864–870) consider the macroeconomic effect on low-income countries that receive large amounts of aid for health.


Universal coverage

Guy Carrin et al. (857–863) propose a framework to support countries trying to develop equitable health financing systems.


Debt relief and health

M Kaddar and E Furrer (877–883) ask whether debt relief results in more funds for health and a reduction in poverty.

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