Diarmid Campbell-Lendrum & Roberto Bertollini (242) discuss the disconnection between scientific evidence and public perceptions of climate change. Elizabeth Westley & Anna Glasier (243) call for better communication about emergency contraception. Matheus Roriz-Cruz et al. (244) suggest reasons why two cities in Brazil have such big differences in dengue cases. We highlight the World Health Day 2010 campaign of "1000 cities, 1000 lives" in the news section (245–246).


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Gaps in epilepsy care

Ana-Claire Meyer et al. (260–266) find that up to 75% of people with epilepsy in low-income countries may be missing out on treatment.

Underused interventions

Anand A Date et al. (253–259) measure progress in preventing secondary infections in people with HIV infection.

Counterfeit medicines: the 75 billion dollar trade

WHO and Interpol are working together to fight criminal networks in counterfeit medicines around the world (247–248).

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