In an editorial, Amal Shafik & Bart Criel (622) consider whether community-based insurance schemes remain true to their purpose. In a second editorial, Manabu Yamazaki et al. (623) discuss the immediate and long-term psychosocial response to the Tohoku earthquake in Japan. Nyaradzayi Gumbonzvanda (630–631), general secretary of the World YWCA, explains how she advocates for women's health in an interview with Sarah Cumberland.


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Diagnosing measles

Lenesha Warrener et al. (675–682) evaluate a new point-of-care test for measles diagnosis.

Studying what works

Geoff Royston (683–688) considers ways to apply operational research and management science to health systems.

Women in prison

Brenda J van den Bergh et al. (689–694) highlight the neglect of women's health in prisons.

Financing reforms debated

Megan Ireland et al. (695–698) question the use of performance-based financing in health reform. Paulin Basinga et al. (698–699), Jean Macq & Jean-Christophe Chiem (699–700) and Robert Anthony Soeters & Piet Vroeg (700) present their views.

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