In the first editorial, Jeffrey V Lazarus & Jens D Lundgren (634) say HIV testing in Europe should be expanded. In the second, Sheila Isanaka et al. (635) suggest ways of controlling childhood diarrhoea. Jane Parry (638–639) reports on how animal husbandry methods have changed in the wake of avian influenza and Ben Jones interviews Jeffrey Wigand (640–641) to discuss why he's at the forefront of efforts to stop young people using tobacco products.


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Challenging a dogma

Kristian Ängeby et al. (693–698) look at ways of testing for Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

Delivering nets

Barbara A Willey et al. (672–684) discuss possible strategies for delivering insecticide-treated nets at scale for malaria control.

Woman and abortion guidelines

Mahmoud F Fathalla & Rebecca J Cook (712) discuss the implications for women of WHO's new abortion guidelines.

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