• The right to health care for transsexual people in Cuba Perspective

    Roque, Alberto; Rodríguez, R. Mayra

    Abstract in English:

    Gender identity is a sociocultural construct based (in nearly every society) on a binary norm: female and male. Transsexual individuals suffer from intense family and social discrimination because they express a dissident sexuality incongruent with this norm. They assert they feel trapped in a body that does not belong to them, so they seek help from health professionals to modify their bodies, to "adapt their bodies to their minds." This essay discusses health care for transsexual persons in Cuba from a human rights perspective that does not pathologize their gender identification.
  • Incorporating a gender perspective into Cuba's health system: realities and challenges Perspective

    Artiles, C. Leticia

    Abstract in English:

    The article describes progress and challenges in incorporating a gender perspective into the Cuban health system. Results obtained thus far indicate progress in raising consciousness and in concentration on the interaction between biological and social factors, in particular recognizing gender as a social determinant of health. Weaknesses are also identified, and recommendations made for introduction of a gender perspective in various areas of the health system such as policy making; services planning, organization and delivery; population health assessments; and human resources training and development.
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